Prometheus and Gaea

Prometheus was a titan hero  who was the Greek mythology person who created fire and loved humans more than the Olympics so he loved humans and Zeus told Prometheus is to not give the humans fire or else. Prometheus did disobey Zeus order and gave man fire but since this happened he was placed on a volcano and had hawks surrounding him and eating his gut and was forever in immortal pain.

Gaea is the earth goddess who mated with her son and made the rest of the titans she so called made the universe and was the oldest Greek god. Also known as mother nature made the first titan and made the first humans.


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Frozen Discussion Question

Well I have recently watched the movie Frozen, and I have a question that was not answered.

What did Elsa do in her room from when their parents died until the coronation?

I have to say I think that she just stayed in her room as her power increased because there was a scene were you see her in her room were there where more ice on the floor then before she was placed in her room until the coronation also she wore gloves all the time and then she took off her gloves and everything went crazy. Or this is a possibility that she trained  herself because when she start singing let it go. She seems like she knows what she doing right because she make like a ice kingdom for herself but I think she been training but could not master her powers.

Hungry for a Good Book?

The book written by Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games it was a great well it started all. Like this were Katniss were she has to save her family from starving to death her mom won’t do anything at all.But she goes out to the woods to hunt for food in a place were there was an uprising of district 13 also causing The Hunger Games then Katniss having her name in the bowl where someone goes up and picks a name at random. All 12 district one boy and one girl from each district so 12 boys and 12 girls fight to the death. So katniss wins with Peeta Mallark her “Love” but she was just pretending so she can just get out of the Hunger Games alive.

Peeta Mallark was brave daring and so called in love with Katniss. He was brave by  sacrificing his live but not dead he live but distracted Cato to let Katniss run so in which Katniss lives. But in other times he is also daring enough to actually be  in the group called the careers which is a group that actually wants to be in the Hunger Games.

Katniss  Everdeen  is the actual main character who has  actually is the true brave one but she is also caring. See Katniss went to the annual picking for the Hunger Games but her sister get picked out of nowhere. So Katniss volunteer as a tribute so that her little sister prim doesn’t get in the Hunger Games and die.

Haymitch also another character is very  cruel mean but has a big heart. Haymitch is always drunk most of the times at least but then acts tough he did win a Hunger Games himself which is why he has to mentor Peeta and Katniss. ” Here some advice. Stay alive (Collins, 183).

“Only … I want to die as my self.(Collins, 456)

It saying that he is being forced that the capitol doesn’t own Peeta it like he is in a game and the Capitol is this almighty item that is controlling them and nobody can do anything.  See Peeta thinks that he will die but doesn’t know he live on. See Peeta doesn’t want to die as a murder or killing any body that is not him at  all.

  1. Would you die for your love on or a family member and why would you do it ? Explain ?
  2. Are you more important than others ? Explain?

Motivation in flower for algernon

I am currently reading a book where the main character has the thirst for knowledge and he is basically a slow person wishing to be smart takes a couple of test and he takes an  operation  and well he becomes smart.

“I want to be smart”

Charlie Gordon the man character has a thirst for all of he wants knowledge but my question is

When you have motivation and you achieve  your goal, do you (1) lose your motivation or (2) do you set a new goal and still have motivation or let it all go? Explain.

Ukraine at war with itself

There are so many things that are up with Ukraine first the president are having issue there running away from the pro-Russian because it has something to do with assassin that why the president is  running away but there is also political issue.

But the main issue was that at first it has a president running away and people either with the Russian and not with it so that why Ukraine hasn’t asked for Russia help like it has its own issue . But in my opinion it should have not just took over like this as Americans we are probably going to end up in another war with Russia but even NATO is having concerns of Russia and Crimea.So will it be able to fix itself  in just enough time that we end this situation crimea is at the border of Russia and Ukraine,


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